Daniel Jay Haskin

I have a gorgeous wife and four kids: three daughters and one son. I enjoy knitting, biking, reading articles, and programming in Clojure.

I’m really good at solving problems involving unfamiliar technologies. Often when building or deploying software, the devil is often in the details. I am good at clearing away the obstacles surrounding the release of a product and creating a maintainable, scalable pipeline so that the product can move through to production or release.

I am a deep thinker. I like getting things done the right way, but more especially getting things done with the right support. I understand that technical work is not done in a vacumm, but is intimately connected with the people problems at work.

I am self-motivated and I work hard. I am also a solid team player, willing to help newer team members ramp up and also to serve as a solid resource for my teammates who are more experienced. I really appreciate direction and mentoring from good leaders. I am passionate for contributing to group efforts and doing my part for the win.

I like taking pride in my work and hope that by working hard I can benefit the world at large. I hope to do that through excellent service.